Leading Boards - Governance training for all levels of sport

Sports Education and Leadership Services is pleased to announce the 'Leading Boards' governance workshops are now available.

These workshops are tailored to all levels of sport boards. The workshops concentrate on challenges and solutions to ensure organisations at a board level are focussed on outcomes as well as understanding the requirements of directors.

'Leading Boards' workshops are run by Brenda McConchie PSM.  Brenda is a skilled presenter and facilitator in the areas of governance, leadership, strategy and change management.  She is the Director of Sports Education and Leadership Services, Solved at McConchie Pty Ltd, the Aurora Leadership Foundation and former Director of Netball Australia and President of ACTSport.



1. Being a good director - your behaviour, rules and obligations

            Ethics, accountability and compliance
            Conflicts of interest and competing agendas
            Director v CEO - roles and responsibilities
            Legislative and regulatory obligations

2. Leadership and managing the business of the board

            Applying leadership principles as a director
            Your board and its jurisdiction
            Accountability and transparency
            Developing a vision and direction for your sport/club
            Setting and/or changing the culture.

If you wish to run governance training for your board please contact us on 1300 701 716 or by email.


Below is a letter from one of the workshop attendees whom is a board member on a grass roots club in the ACT;

"Hi, Just to let you know that I attended the Governance Workshop on Wednesday.

I found it very enlightening and very interesting and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend. The Workshop was relevant to community clubs as the issues that could arise for Board members could just as easily apply to a community club just like ours. Areas we discussed that I thought were relevant to us included legal implications for roles, ethics & values, leadership, compliance, privacy and financial solvency. We also received other information about where to go to find relevant courses and other information and, of course, I found out about ACTSport. I also collected some pamphlets.

The many representatives also spoke generally about recruitment and we shared ideas about what other organisations are doing to encourage more participation like splitting roles, mentoring and asking people personally to be part of the "team"!"

Attachment:  Leading Boards overview