Sports Education and Leadership Services can provide sports with a range of management services to support their ongoing and one-off needs.  We have built a strong capability in planning, evaluation and review, information and records managment, eCommerce and event project management either using our own personnel or through alliances with other organisations.

In times of decreasing volunteer numbers and higher expectations of funding bodies such as government agencies and sponsors, Sports Education and Learning's management services can be used to assist with accountability and compliance reporting, to supplement depleted personnel numbers and/or provide specialist advice and skills for specific tasks.



Information and records management

Sports Education and Leadership Services, through it's parent company Solved at McConchie Pty Ltd has access to some of the nation's top information and records management consultants. 

This level of expertise combined with our knowledge of the sporting environment enables us to provide sports with a unique service. Can you guarantee that:

  • you can find the information you need when you need it?
  • you can be certain the right version of a document is posted on your website or mailed to members?
  • the links between your financial system and your reports to the board of directors are providing accurate financial information?
  • your staff are disposing of documents according to legislation covering areas such as taxation, privacy, agreements/contracts and property/facility management?

Strategic information management services include:

  • Information needs analysis
  • Matching of information needs and business outcomes and processes
  • Information management 'health check'
  • Information management strategy, policy and tool design and development
  • Records management reviews and capability development
  • Library and library service reviews and capability development

Previous clients have included The Commonwealth Bank, Department of Defence, Centrelink, IP Australia, Federal Law Courts, National Archives and Child Support Agency.


Planning, evaluation and review

We can assist your sporting organisation to assess its performance across the organisation or within a section of it.  We use a range of techniques and processes including workshops, surveys, audits and assessments to assist you with:

  • assessing community and social obligations
  • preparing business and strategic plans
  • specialist programs such as indigenous, volunteers or athletes with a disability.


Education and training course development

Sports Education and Leadership Services has strong capability to develop tailored courses for clients.  It is a specific area of expertise of the company's.  We are able to tailor any of our existing programs to your sport, revamp one of your own courses or work with you to develop a brand new one. 

We are also able to assist with training staff once the programs are written and the development of a strategy for implementation.


Email  Lisa McConchie or call us on 1300 701 716 to discuss any of your sports management queries and needs.

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