NCAS Beginning Coaching General Principles Course


The NCAS Beginning Coaching General Principles Course was developed by the Australian Sports Commission and Sports Education and Learning is an approved provider.  The course covers principles that are common to coaching in all sports and aims to develop practical coaching knowledge and skills for the beginner coach.

 Face of face delivery for groups is available on request.

Course duration

8 hours.


On successful completion of an approved Beginning Coaching Principles course, candidates are awarded the Australian Sports Commission’s Certificate of Completion.

*Coaches must complete the sports specific component and their practical coaching component to be eligible for accreditation with the National Coach Accreditation Scheme.*

Face to face course enquiries

Please contact Christine Voge on 1300 701 716 or 0434 142 379 for more information.

Course content

Core Modules
· CP 1.1 Role of the Coach
· CP 1.2 Planning
· CP 1.3 Teaching Sports Skills/Games
· CP 1.4 Group Management
· CP 1.5 Coaching Communications
· CP 1.6 Physical Conditioning
· CP 1.7 Sports Safety
· CP 1.8 Coaching Better
· CP 1.17 Development of the Athlete

Optional Modules
· CP 1.9 Coaching Team Sports
· CP 1.10 Coaching Children
· CP 1.11 Coaching Female Athletes
· CP 1.12 Coaching Veteran Athletes
· CP 1.13 Coaching Athletes with Disabilities
· CP 1.14 Nutrition
· CP 1.15 Drugs in Sport
· CP 1.16 Sports Psychology
· CP 1.17 Development of the Athlete

ASC NCAS provider number for Sports Education and Learning: 270.