Time Management Program

The most valuable resource an athlete has today is time. It is a non-renewable resource that needs to be managed effectively. For an athlete in a competitive environment it is essential that they optimise their time use.


Athletes in this course will become aware of their current time management habits and gain an understanding of how they can achieve balance and effectively manage their time both inside and outside their training regime.


Increasingly, the focus on training is to increase the performance levels and this can often lead to stress on the athlete causing them to lose control over the way they manage their time use outside of the daily training regime. 


This course is aimed at helping athletes gain control of their time use, focuses on important issues of how athletes can work and live smarter to allow themselves to achieve more in their sporting and non sporting lives.


Based on best practice techniques that work well in both business and every day living, this course gives athletes strategies, plans, hints and tips that can be applied to improve their time management.


The course is also designed to recognise that both athletes and coaches can have differing priorities when it comes to the use of the athlete's time.


Goals and objectives from this course


  1. To reduce drop out rate from study and/or high performance programs
  2. Plan personal goals
  3. Organise training and study priorities / schedules
  4. Identify and reduce time wastage caused by poor time management
  5. Understand when and how to say no, and to stop others from stealing their time
  6. Creating a long term plan
  7. Set up an Action Plan for improved time management
  8. Use of a Daily Planner




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