Level 1 - Orientation to Sports Team Management Course

The Level 1 - Orientation to Sports Team Management Program has been developed by Sports Education and Leadership Services to provide guidance to people who are interested in managing a sporting team or find themselves in that role either by choice or necessity.

The course is aimed at people who are working with team sports or with individual athletes making up a team at the junior local club or regional level. It can also be used as the basis for someone learning to manage a senior team at more elite levels.



Role and responsibilities of a sports team manager

  • Role of the sports team manager
  • Characteristics of a good team manager

The junior sports environment including building the history and culture of the sport

  • Junior sports policies
  • Fostering life-long participation
  • Building the knowledge of the culture and history of the sport

Understanding child protection and anti-harassment policies

  • Child protection
  • Anti-harassment
  • Privacy

Codes of behaviour in sport including junior sport

  • Junior sports team manager code of behaviour
  • Junior athletes and their behaviour
  • Coaches and their behaviour
  • Parents and their behaviour

Understanding and working with junior athletes

Being organised and the team managers toolkit

  • Planning
  • Records
  • Competition and events
  • Team managers tool kit

Working with people and organisations

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution

Athlete nutrition

  • Fluids
  • Food and recovery

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MORE INFORMATION Contact Lisa McConchie by email or on 1300 701 716 to discuss running a course for the team managers at your club or association.


The copyright for all SportsManager programs is owned by Sports Education and Leadership Services.

This course is also available both under licence or by partnership.


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